System description

The Swiss Paediatric Surveillance Unit (SPSU) is led by a committee comprising representatives of the SSP/SGP and the FOPH. The committee decides, on the basis of defined criteria, which of the proposed studies can be carried out within the framework of the SPSU.

The (primarily administrative) services of the SPSU are provided by its Secretariat, which is staffed by a part-time administrator under the supervision of a scientific officer. These services include the monthly retrieval of reporting cards and ensuring that the primary data is complete. The SPSU Secretariat is responsible for correspondence, carries out an initial check on the completeness of study proposals, and prepares the quarterly analysis and an annual activity report, including the accounts/budget. It maintains contacts with the international network (INoPSU).

Individual project leaders are responsible for the preparation of the project documentation and questionnaires (including translations). The SPSU is responsible for the printing and dispatch of the project documentation; questionnaires are dispatched by the project leaders. If required, the SPSU can provide project leaders with advice and assistance on the design of studies and questionnaires.

The reporting system is essentially financed by the SSP/SGP and FOPH. For administrative services, project leaders are charged an annual fee of CHF 500 per study.